List of International Organisations & It’s Member Countries

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Permanent members of UNSC

FRACE (France, Russia, America, China, England).

Official languages of UN

FACERS (French, Arabic, Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish).

G20 group

GURU JI SITA AB SSC FCI ME job karti hai (Germany, USA, Russia, United Kingdom, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Turkey, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, Canada, France, China, Italy, Mexico, European Union).

G7 group

JUICE with GF (Japan, USA, Italy, Canada, England, Germany, France).

G8 group

JUICE with Russian GF (Japan, USA, Italy, Canada, England, Russia, Germany, France).

G4 group

BIG Japan (Brazil, India, Germany, Japan).

Nordic Council

DIFSweNo (Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norw.

Arctic Council

DifsweNo+RUSC (Russia, USA, Canada).

Gulf Council

BOQSUK (Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, S. Arabia, UAE, Kuwait).

ASEAN countries

MBBS CLIP TV (Malaysia, Burma, Brunei, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Phillipines, Thailand, Vietnam).

Mekong Ganga Cooperation:

LIMCa TV ( Laos, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam).

BIMSTEC countries

MBBS NIT (Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, SriLanka, Nepal, India, Thailand).

APTA countries

CBI-KLS (China, Bangladesh, India – Korea, Laos, Sri Lanka).

SASEC countries

MBBS NIM (Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, SriLanka, Nepal, India, Maldives)

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