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Role: Group Lead – ADME
Work Location: Hyderabad

Experience: More than 15 years’ experience in ADME and  Pharmacokinetics post Ph.D. in a pharmaceutical
company or drug discovery setup or > 15 years experience in ADME and Pharmacokinetics

1. Responsible for driving and supporting integrated drug discovery projects for our clients by providing scientific
oversight, managing, and mentoring people while monitoring group performance
2. To lead the characterization of drug metabolism assays of new chemical entities and biologic drug candidates in discovery and development
3. To plan activities to screen, select, optimize and develop novel drug molecules in In Vitro metabolism protein binding, phychem assays, transporters, cell based permeability assays, investigative and mechanistic assays
to support drug discovery projects in multiple therapeutic areas
4. Excellent understanding of drug discovery concepts preferably having prior experience of progressing a project
from hit identification to early clinical trial design

5. Sound knowledge in various aspects of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, including bioanalytica
(LC/MS/MS-based and ELISA), in vitro ADME, in vivo PK/ ADME studies, modeling and simulation, radiolabeled
studies, metabolite identification, and profiling, clinical pharmacology, etc. Ability to plan and monitor studies
both in-house as well as at external CROs.

6. Experience with both small and large molecules, biochemical and cellular assays, multiple technological platforms
automation, and high-throughput screening.

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