Indian Premier League 2020: Shane Warne says that Sanju Samson can play all formats for India if he is relentless

Mentor Shane Warne of Rajasthan Royals believes that if Sanju Samson has consecutive Indian Premier League (IPL) this year, he will definitely play for India in all formats of the game. Samson has played two matches so far in this year’s IPL and has managed to score 159 runs. In the first match against Chennai Super Kings, the right-hander scored 74 runs while in the second game he scored 85 runs chasing a target of 224. In a conversation with ANI, Warne stated his expectations about the Royals’ campaign. This year and he also gave information on how his role as a mentor would be different in IPL 2020.

Talking about Samson, Warne said: “Sanju Samson, I mean I’ve been saying this for a long time, Sanju should play all forms of the game for India.

“He is such a quality player, he has shown that class again in the first game and I hope he has a consistent tournament this year.

“If they have successive tournaments this year, I think you will see them representing India in all forms of the game.

He said, “He is such a talented player, I have seen a lot of talented cricketers in my time, but batting Samson, in the nets around him, talking to him for years and now watching him grow. Is that it is something else.

“She is a very special talent and I hope she reaches the international stage very soon,” said the 51-year-old.

Warne has been associated with the Royals since the beginning of the IPL and led the Rajasthan Royals to a title win in the inaugural season.

Former Australian spinner Ravindra Jadeja was exceptional in grooming young players and many Indian cricketers like Mohammad Kaif, Yusuf Pathan have talked about Warne’s leadership skills.

“I feel like I’ve got a spiritual connection with the Royals. Back in 2008, it was just such a wonderful time, and now and then you connect and connect with something that’s super special and magic. Is, “said Warne. .

“The squad we built some magic and life-long friendships in 2008. I love the Royals and have always been grateful to the Royals for the opportunity to work with the Royals for this ability and I hope this continues.

“I hope that I always have a role in Royals because I am passionate and love Rajasthan Royals a lot,” he said.

Asked if the Royals’ team looked balanced compared to other seasons in the past, Warne said: “I think there are great players in the team, some great young talent, some experienced players, good variety in bowling attack, There are power hitters and manipulators. Ball.

“Some good players of spin and speed, a good combination of left and right hands. So, I think that’s in the team, it’s telling about them.

“So if we can deliver our skills and I think this year could be the year of the Royals in 2020.

He said, “Hopefully, Ben Stokes will play a role this year, he is a big loser and our thoughts are with him but you know that Ben Stokes was associated with the team that played the other night and is a very good side. “

The Rajasthan Royals, led by Steve Smith, have won the first two matches of the tournament so far. The team defeated Chennai Super Kings by 16 runs and won a resounding four-wicket win over Kings XI Punjab.

Talking about his role as a mentor, Warne said: “My mentor role, it’s a little different this year. I’ll be sitting in the stands, watching the game, not in the dugout.”

“So, I wouldn’t have anything to do in the actual game. I’m looking just like anybody else and then I’ll be sitting with Andrew McDonald and Steve Smith after each game, see if I see anything, Talk to them and listen to them and add my thoughts and add some of my thoughts.

“So it was possible to be that part and then to be around training, motivating the group, helping the individuals on the team, trying to get the best out of them and helping Andrew McDonald and Steve Smith in any way,” Warne said Signed

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