IPL 2020: Mayank Agarwal has improved his performance for Kings XI Punjab with New Zealand series reaction

The Kings XI Punjab unit may have started a roller coaster in the 13th season of the Indian Premier League, but openers Mayank Agarwal and KL Rahul are scoring one run on UAE wickets. While captain Rahul is sitting on top by scoring 222 runs in three matches, Mayank is behind with 221 runs. It has been the ultimate domination from the pair at the top. Talking to ANI, Mayank along with the captain who is his best friend, the mindset, when he goes out to bat, wickets on offer in the UAE, input from the Indian team’s coaching staff after the New Zealand series Talked about. And most importantly, discussing batting with Universe boss Chris Gayle.

From a talented cricketer in the last few seasons, Mayank made his debut this season as a proven international cricketer. While this can sometimes add to the pressure, the opener says that he is loving every bit of going there and expressing himself.

“Playing for the country has given me a lot of confidence and I enjoy the responsibility. I don’t think it has changed the situation much in KXIP as we have top class cricketers here. The word goes to Anil Bhai (Kumble) . And KL (Rahul) clarified which role they want each of us to play. It just makes it easier, “he said.

While Mayank looked off to a cautious start in the first game (against the Delhi Capitals), he was all slam-bang in the third game (against Rajasthan Royals). Asked if he plans to go for batting, Mayank said there was no prior belief.

“I think the first game, the wicket was not the easiest to bat on and the new ball was doing a little bit. So, the plan was to have the new ball played out without a wicket and then take it from there. KL OUT After that, the wickets kept falling, so I tried to deepen the game and worked. In the third game, it was more about assessing the situation and doing the right thing for the team.

“Very honestly I think every wicket is different and I don’t think going with a prior belief doesn’t help anyone. Yes, the weather is hot and so the wickets are spinning. But every wicket is different. And We have seen that of the games that have been played, some of the wickets are assisting fast bowling while some are really good to bat on.

Even as some of the best have struggled in the event of closure in the groove, Mayank has looked fluent. The opener revealed the secret of his success on the pitch after a coronovirus-induced break.

“A lot of training at home. Luckily, my elder brother had barbells and weights at home. I was training a lot at home and as soon as the lockdown lifted, I called RQ (Murali) sir and we both left. For their academy and we would practice. We used to train there and make sure we keep doing the right things and work on the areas that I want to improve. “

He said, “I had a good response from the New Zealand series and the coaches of the Indian team also asked to work on these things. So, we worked on what they said and today it is reaping the benefits , “He said smiling.

In fact, he is also spending a lot of time with Gayle and Mayank says it is amazing how the Giants are not only helping him, but also revealing the specifics of the batsmen.

“Gayle is an integral part of KXIP whether it is playing or mentoring. He is talking to all of us, contributing to the batsmen’s meeting and also sharing the stuff that is important. I have heard of Gayle. We have had a lot of chats together. We played together for the first time at RCB. And just watching him play and chat is fantastic.

“Even he said I don’t have to do anything extraordinary, just trust my skills and execute them. He told me to go out and enjoy the game. Before the last game, he said That you are batting brilliantly and just watch. Get in a good batting position. If you are striking well, make sure you are scoring runs. These are many good things that she keeps saying. He is not just helping me, but a lot of batsmen, ”he revealed. .

Any conversation with Mayank is incomplete without touching the subject of his best friend and team captain Rahul. Asked to describe Rahul as a cricketer and captain, Mayank said: “He is definitely an exceptional player. The kind of innings he produces and the performances he performs is simply fantastic. There is no question about how good a player he is. We are the best. Friends, it feels good that we are playing with each other. We understand each other’s game and each other’s Enjoys batting together. We’ve seen that it’s much easier and batting with him is a lot more fun.

“As a captain, he is very calm and composed and is a very positive person. He keeps supporting the players and communicates really well. Another very good thing is that he is very good around himself. Empower people nearby and trust them to go there and do it. Well. The freedom to express ourselves is great. We are playing really good cricket under that. “

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