Interview Tip for Life Science Students:

 Interview Tip for Life Science Students: When preparing for interviews in the life science field, consider these strategic moves:      1.Practical Skills to Highlight: “Proficiency in laboratory techniques stands as a cornerstone in the life sciences field. Highlighting your adeptness in techniques pertinent to your specific discipline, such as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Enzyme-Linked […]

Take a Industrial Training in Biotechnology.

Molecular Biology: Introduction to Molecular Biology fundamentals. Application of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).Overview of Genomic DNA and its relevance. Essential skills in instrument handling.Understanding Percentage calculations. Basics of Molarity and Normality concepts. Proficiency in Micropipette handling, including forward and reverse pipetting techniques.Understanding the principles, SOP, and applications of a spectrophotometer. Composition and significance of buffers […]

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