Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Unveils New Song ‘First Kiss’

Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh and new artiste Ipsitaa have unveiled their new track, First kiss.

The rap star says a lot of effort went into getting the lyrics of the track right, so that girls could connect to it.

The peppy track got viewed 4.4 million times on YouTube within a few hours of its release on Tuesday.

The words are penned by rapper Lil Golu, Hommie Dilliwala and Singhsta, and aim at conveying a rush in one’s veins when one falls in love for the first time.

‘First kiss’ is a fun track which talks about what one goes through when they fall in love. We wanted to create a song that has an international feel to it and resonates with our youngsters,” said Yo Yo Honey Singh.

So, we made sure that everything, from the casting to the technicalities, was planned according to international standards. I put a lot of effort into the lyrics so that girls can connect to it. Ipsitaa has done a great job,” he added.