Indian Premier League: Ben Stokes should undergo COVID Test for the first time today, Sunrisers Hyderabad should be ready for the match: report

England and Rajasthan Royals all-rounder Ben Stokes has started his 6-day quarantine period and will take his first COVID test on Sunday. And if everything goes according to plan, the star all-rounder should field for the Royals’ game against Sunrisers Hyderabad in Dubai on 11 October. Speaking to ANI, an Rajasthan Royals official said that Stokes would, having gone into the fray and gone into immediate isolation. Sunday is the first round of testing and should be prepared for the next weekend’s match against SRH.

He started his quarantine phase as soon as he reached the hotel. He will have his first test today and with a 6-day period ending in Sharjah playing against the Delhi Capitals, we are seeing him playing against SRH. “The official said that he would help to go off the field for some time.

Asked if he could squeeze into the game against the Delhi Capitals on 9 October, the official said: “His quarantine ends that day. Therefore, he comes out and joins the team the next day on 10 October it happens.”

While English and Australian players arriving from the bubble in the UK and Dubai had to quarantine for 36 hours, those going to Abu Dhabi had to follow the six-day quarantine rule and similarly, the Stokes who have come from New Zealand to New Zealand. A six-day process has to be followed before joining your team.

Stokes’ inclusion in the team is a major achievement for the Royals as they have lost two of the four matches in their game against the Royal Challengers Bangalore they have played so far, losing on Saturday in Abu Dhabi.

Stokes’ presence in the middle order will be a major boost for the Royals as their second overseas star Jose Butler has failed to give them an impressive start and this has put the middle order under pressure. The hopes of Robin Uthappa and Ryan Parag have not met the expectations and the middle order needs a slight reshuffle for the Royals.

In fact, the all-rounder is also a clever operator with the ball and can certainly add to captain Steve Smith’s arsenal when it comes to keeping things tight.

Commenting on the side’s balance, Warne also said a few days ago that Stokes’ arrival would make this team one of the best-balanced teams in the competition. “Hopefully, Stokes will play a role this year, he’s a big loser and our thoughts are with him, but you know that Ben Stokes was paired with the team that played the other night and that’s a very good side, “He told ANI.

Stokes was a part of the series against Pakistan when he came to know of his father being unwell and left for New Zealand. The ECB said in a press release on 9 August, “Stokes will leave the UK this weekend and travel to New Zealand. He will miss England’s two Tests against Pakistan on Thursday 13 August and Friday 21 August.”

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