Indian Premier League: Rahul Tewatia trusts to go from villain to hero in Dream Knock

In the 14th over of Rajasthan Royals chasing a target of 224 runs against Kings XI Punjab, Rahul Tewatia was batting on seven runs off 16 balls. It is not that he was playing defensively, but there is no question that the left-handed batsman was trying, the ball would not land for him from the middle of the bat. After nine overs from 66, the team was relegated to No.4 in nine overs, promoted above Robin Uthappa – a batsman of a higher pedigree – he had a job – scoring fast runs and providing the support he needed, a huge Anju Samson needs

But it seemed that this was a day when everything was going wrong for him. He had bowled one over and was dismissed for 19 runs. He had hit a six by the end of the 15th over. At one point, the commentator suggested that he retire himself to try a better batsman and score a spectacularly difficult win.

In the 15th over of the match, he tried to go after young leg-spinner Ravi Bishnoi, but reached 14 of 21 with only one six.

In the next over, Sanju Samson refused for an easy single to put him on strike. And when the Kerala-born batsman was dismissed for the first ball of the 16th over, it all came to an end for the Rajasthan Royals, and Tewatia looked down on him, breaking the pace provided by Samson and his captain Steve Smith. Had been

Uthappa hit two fours in the next over and only managed to vindicate the critics.

But Rahul Tewatia, if anything, is a man of very self-confidence.

A look at his timeline, not the most active player on Twitter, will give you a series of motivational quotes.

“If you believe in yourself, have dedication and pride and never leave, you’ll be a winner,” reads one of his posts of 2017.

“Accept what is, let go of what was, believe in what will happen,” reads the other.

And then this gem.

“Maintain Confidence. The most amazing things in life happen at the exact moment you’re about to give up hope.”

Maybe Tewatia at that point where he was about to give up hope, because what happened next in the match would surely be one of the most amazing moments of his playing career.

Teotia hit the head of the match with a six off Sheldon Cottrell in the 18th over. The equation went from 18 to 51 to 12.

Uthappa fell in the 19th over, but two more sixes from Archer and yet another from Teotia ensured that Rajasthan Royals recorded their second win of the season in a most sensational manner.

Tewatia, who eventually fell to 53 for 31, his team required two runs in the final over, again reflecting on his confidence in himself, and his team’s belief in his big hitting abilities.

“I’ve played the worst 20 balls ever,” he said.

“After that I started getting hit, so I kept going,” he said.

“The dugout knows I can hit the ball for a long time,” he continued.

“I knew I had to believe in myself. It was a six. In five overs, it’s amazing. I tried to hit the legspinner, but unfortunately I couldn’t. So I had to hit the other bowlers.” He concluded.

And hit him, in one of the biggest personal stories of the Indian Premier League.

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